About Us

We are a team of digital enthusiasts, aiming to bring the best TikTok experience for brands around the world.

Our network of trend-makers ranges from world-famous influencers to micro-influencers, each of them speaking to their fans in their own language. We encourage them to remain authentic when creating videos. Influencers are not obligated to interact with the the product or logo, but they can, if they choose to. The videos are published directly on the influencer's channel, in a way to create the highest number of views. The creative decisions are taken by influencers themselves, based on the guidelines from the brand. We require that each influencers participating in the campaign show the product / logo /website for at least 30% of the total video time.

We are proud of the artistic potential of our influencers and we count on them to deliver original ideas, to get your brand in front of your audience.

We Guarantee

  • Total number of views guaranteed!

  • Real influencers with real fans!

  • Focus on selected geographical target.

  • Product or logo easily recognizable for min. 30% of each video.

  • All campaigns normally complete within 30 days.